Sedition (n) ; Overt conduct, such as speech or conduct, that tends toward insurrection against that established order and authority.

That Establishment is the gallery that only curates from the wealthy, the official that only represents a fraction of their supporters, corporate interests edging in on small business; Any abuse perpetrated by the powerful. It seeks to contain expression, catalog it, and commodify it. Without malice, it consumes expression through ignorance and delusion.

We Create: That is how we fight

Through Seditious Materials, we seek to take those feelings of frustration and give them form. Maybe then we can all feel a little more empowered to give That Establishment the gesture it deserves.

Handmade illustrations on prints, apparel, and more.


Seditious Materials is a unique brand of products (such as tee shirts, art prints, tote bags and more)- all made in the US, featuring handmade illustrations created by Danni Beth, an alternative model, pinup girl, and content creator.

SM strives to be inclusive by supporting these social themes in the work that is represented:


  • inter-sectional feminism

  • mental health

  • sexuality and kink

  • anti-capitalism/anti-corporatism

  • body positivism

Seditious Materials is a safe space to explore self expression, even when those ideas challenge societal norms.


Comics, blogs, memes and manifestos in the “Words” section:


Who We Are


Meet: Danni Beth

Illustrator, designer, model and creator of Seditious Materials.


Danni Beth is a New England artist with a penchant for bright colors, bold shapes, and getting exited over meeting dogs on the street. She is a business owner, a dog-mom, and a loving partner.

She is also an identity and she is also an idea.

She is the culmination of a years-long frustration at bigotry both experienced and witnessed. She is sweet, she is smart, she is loud, she is contentious, and she is fucking livid.

With the stroboscopic array of terrible news striking out daily, she believes it is our duty to create rebel art and reform this sickened world. It is our duty to enact sedition against the abhorrent culture that has placed us where we are today.

This is what Danni Beth created Seditious Materials for and this is who she is.


Wear your pride.